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Hunting and fishery management

The regulation of hunting activities is basic to preserve and enhance this natural resource.

The Technical plans on management and improvement hunting activities are useful tools to archieve optimum long-term private hunting areas.

The shortage of game species in many areas of our country can be solved by direct actions on the territory. Good planning on repopulation and the implementation of techniques to improve habitats can restore, for hunting purposes, populations of some of the more valued species in this activity.

A good hunting management is achieved by drafting and writing up:

  • Technical Plans on management and improvement of hunting activities
  • Planning of repopulations of species (conducting census, selection of species, release of species, etc...)
  • Studies and application of techniques to improve habitats (environment requirements analysis, placement of watering and feeding places, construction of shelters, etc...)
  • Integrated management of hunting properties (hunting status assessments of the property, implementation of habitat improvement and repopulation, monitoring the evolution of populations, etc...)
  • Projects on hunting farms

In the field of the management of natural resources mention as well studies and projects related to fishery management like:

  • Mapping the basins of rivers of Catalonia from a fishing point of view
  • Preparation of Technical fishery management plans
  • Studies regarding minimum ecological flows in rivers of Catalonia as a result of hydroelectric uses
  • Studies on the application of ecological flows for different fishing basins of Catalonia
  • Construction projects of fish ladders in rivers
  • Studies of habitability of fish in Catalan rivers
  • Fish farm projects