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Urban Planning

To authorize certain activities and / or installations on undeveloped land a special development plan is required.

  • The special urban development plans that cater to the substantive provisions of the general territorial and urban planning, whether or not expressly provided for in this planning
  • Autonomous urban special plansin respect to them substantives forecasts territorial or urban planning on fundamental elements of the overall structure of the planning.

Both these actions as a draft, if necessary, the special urban plan formulated to comply must include the following documentation:

  • A specific justification for the project purpose, compatibility performance with territorial, urban and sectorial planning and concurrence of the requirements per the Urban Planning Law and its Regulations for the implementation of the activity or construction of which case.
  • The draft action, activity or construction, which has reference to the location and extent of the farm or farms where the performance, occupying the surface activity and construction projects and installations, and its fundamental characteristics.
  • Impact study and landscape integration, with content determined by the provisions applicable to landscape and at least a reasoned diagnosis of potential impact and an exhibition of the corrective measures proposed.
  • An archaeological study and a report from the department on culture, if the action affects archaeological remains of interest declared
  • A report by the department responsible for agriculture if it is not included in an agricultural sector plan.
  • A report from the water administration, if the action affects aquifers classified, sensitive areas or sensitive areas declared under current legislation.
  • A report of the Institut Geològic de Catalunya, if the action affects paleontological and geological attractions.
  • Other reports demanded sectorial legislation.

In this regard ECAFIR, S.L. has made urban special protection plans rural and natural habitats, and specific actions on undeveloped land in referred to in Article 47.4 (basically facilities and works required for technical services such as telecommunications, general hydraulic infrastructures, reticulation of electricity production from renewable energy sources…)