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Environmental mapping and use of GIS

GIS have become an essential support tool to analyse different environmental variables that are located in a territory. In the field of environmental mapping, ECAFIR, S.L. applies Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in all their studies and projects, developing thematic and integration maps that accompany them.

This mapping is performed using digitalizing techniques characteristic of software programmes like AUTOCAD and / or MICROSTATION. The process of spatial data processing is done with ArcView software and MIRAMON, both working with vector and raster information.

Advantages of GIS are quite evident as they can refer to spatial entities and, they become particularly useful for combining the potential of the graphics system with associated databases.

In most sectors they can be used as a tool to help in the management and decision making.

Other applications of ArcView and GIS software in the field of environmental engineering are the automatic creation of slope maps, bearings or orientation maps, visual basins mapping, images with reliefs and 3D simulations…

And with implementing complex algorithms on territorial units can also perform flood risk maps, fire risk maps, erosion risk maps, soil loss maps…