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Rural engineering and consultancy

In the area of ??rural consulting and technical assistance, ECAFIR, S.L. carries out:

  • Evaluation of agricultural farm
  • Delineation of farms
  • Agricultural and cattle raising consultancy
  • Revaluation of marginal land plots
  • Others

The evaluation of agricultural farms aims to make an assessment of the properties, infrastructures, facilities and land in order to estimate the economic value of them. These assessments are usually carried out in the need of expropriations, sales, etc. due to the execution of civil works (road, highway, etc.) affecting the property.

As for the execution and assessment of projects involving leisure, recreational and educational activities, ECAFIR S.L. has carried out, among others, the following projects:

  • Construction projects:
    • Construction, improvement, maintenance and inventory of roads, access tracks...
    • Construction of river walks
    • Construction of fish ladders at hydroelectric
    • Construction of landfills, land deposits and debris, waste treatment centers...
    • Construction of farms, fish fry centers …
    • Construction of ski slopes
    • Others (construction of roads, bridges...)
  • Entertaining, recreational and educational projects like:
    • Creation of information and visitors centres
    • Creation of recreational areas
    • Improvement and maintenance of tracks
    • Sports circuits
    • Signalling of tracks and tourist facilities
    • Wildlife parks…