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Environmental monitoring of construction sites and activities

The environmental monitoring of works and activities aims to temporarily monitor activities on site, throughout the duration of the works or the development of a project, following the guidelines set out in the proposed Corrective Action Plan and its corresponding Environmental Monitoring Plan.

Usually ECAFIR, S.L. works as technical assistance to the direction of the works or project, advising the work's director in all environmental aspects during the construction phase and especially during the implementation of corrective measures.

During the execution of the workson should consider the monitoring of environmental aspects defined in the Environmental Monitoring Plan of the construction site: control of noise levels, control of the quality of water discharged, protection of the environment surrounding the construction site, quality control of extracted topsoil from the working site, etc...

The Environmental Monitoring Plans aim to:

  • Verify initial assessment of the expected impacts, defining those monitoring parameters that determine the quality of the environmental vectors affected.
  • Monitor the implementation of each corrective measure predefined either in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), or in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), if such exist.

The assessment of expected impacts is based on the follow up of those monitoring parameters that determine the quality of all environmental vectors affected:

  • Air quality
  • Noise
  • Hydrology
  • Geology
  • Geomorphology and soil edaphology
  • Wildlife
  • Vegetation and flora
  • Landscape
  • Cultural heritage
  • Land uses
  • Urban planning
  • Infrastructures and elements of the human environment
  • Socio-economic aspects
  • Risk of forest fires, etc...

Monitoring of environmental vectors allows checking the effectiveness of corrective measures previously defined. These checks area performed both in the construction phase and during the usage of infrastructure or activity itself. The evolution in space and time of the corrective measures is reflected by the Management of the construction site on a schedule that indicates the degree of application of each measure at any time. In case of ineffectiveness of any of the preventive and corrective actions planned, new corrective measures should be redefined.

During the implementation of corrective measures, controls should be aimed at verifying the correct execution and functionality of the corrective actions: characteristics and quality of plants, effective shielding of acoustic screens, correct functionality of wildlife crossing, etc...

Note that many of these controls need a follow up during several years after the start of an activity or usage of an infrastructure to verify its effectiveness over time.