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Forest Fire Prevention Plans and self-protection

Forest Fire Prevention Plans consist of a detailed planning on the necessary actions to defend against wildfires in a region.

The plan begins with an exhaustive study of:

  • the physical and natural environment
  • the type of fuels (combustible materia)
  • the risk of fire (history, indexes of frequency, causality, flammability, exposure, slopes, local risk indexes)
  • the existing infrastructures and existing means of prevention

Within the Plan, a diagnosis is made about the difficulty of extinction, risk areas and priority of actions to be conducted.

Finally, based on this preliminary analysis, a series of prioritized actions and a plan of preventive measures are proposed, among which we can distinguish:

  • clear-cutting
  • cleaning and clearing
  • construction of tracks
  • construction of firebreaks
  • construction of water points, etc...

A map is also produced with each of the topics mentioned. Emphasize the execution of a risk map obtained by integrating maps of combustibility, exposure, slopes, difficulties of extinction, etc. This map is created by the use of GIS tools (Geographic Information Systems).

Other documents related to forest fire prevention are self-protection plans that include actions to ensure the implementation of measures of self-protection and safety of an activity as specified in the regulations in this area (Decree 82 /2010 of 29 June establishing a catalog of activities and required to take protective action and the contents of these measures is set) is approved centers.

The Generalitat has exclusive power over civil protection, which includes, in any case, regulation, planning and implementation of measures relating to emergencies and civil security, as well as the direction and coordination of services civil protection, including the prevention and firefighting, without prejudice to the powers of local governments in this area, respecting the provisions of the State in exercise of its powers in relation to public safety.

This Decree implements the provisions relating to self-protection stipulated by Law 4/1997, of 20 May, civil protection Catalonia, in accordance with the provisions of Article, and to determine the range of activities and types of centers that are required to take protective action and keeping staff and equipment necessary to meet emergency risk situations. Also, in accordance with the provisions of Article 20 of the Law on Civil Protection of Catalonia, determines the structure of the content of the protection plans.